An impact wrench is a tool that is used to either tighten or loosen nuts and bolts much more effectively than your average screwdriver. Some impact wrenches are mechanical, while others utilize a motor. A cordless wrench offers the same services, but its increased mobility allows the user to rotate the tool and use it however he or she wants in order to get the job done. This article, will discuss the best practices to utilize when purchasing the best cordless motor tool.

When searching for the best cordless impact wrench, the most important thing is to consider why the device is needed. Understanding the uses for a tool and why it needs to be bought will be the most influential factor in purchasing a tool. This tool comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/4” to about 4/3”, and has several different grip styles built for maximum comfort.

Different features of the modern impact wrench often include a top of the line battery that allows the tool to be operated without a cord, so therefore, battery capacity should always be considered. The average battery capacity is about fifty Wh, and one popular battery used for this tool would be the 19.2 volt NiCad battery. Because this tool is battery operated, a charger is usually included. Speed of the machine is also something to be considered. Speed for different models vary, but many low cost power wrenches start at around 2500 RPM, no load, with high priced tools beginning at 0 RPM, no load. Volt number is also something to consider, with low cost wrenches containing about twelve volts, whereas more expensive wrenches have around eighteen volts. Additionally, many motor wrenches include an LED light that allows its user to better see what is happening in darker conditions.

Another feature to consider when purchasing a power wrench would be to understand the maximum torque that a wrench is able to withstand. Torque should be reviewed for both fastening and loosening functions. The higher the torque, the better, but make sure to test different wrenches to find out which one has the least amount of kickback.

Price range for wrenches vary, often ranging from about fifty dollars to around five hundred dollars. Before judging a tool on price, however, it is important to consider the different features that the tool supplies, and what that particular tool is best used for. Additionally, kit price often differs from the price of the actual wrench, which should be considered.

Simply researching product reviews will also be a helpful resource in purchasing a power wrench. In a review, realistic uses for that particular tool will become visible. Many tests have been done on the most effective wrenches, as well as what is considered the most effective wrench based on price.

After reading this guide reviewing the most important functions of the best cordless impact wrenches, hopefully you are better able to research and buy a battery powered wrench of your own.